How to use the "New version" command in a Split document?

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24-01-2022 29:10

 This command allows you to obtain an independent copy of the Part document, the Split document and the resulting core cavity block assembly document.

This command can be used in a number of situations, including the followings:

  • The part to be moulded has evolved and you wish to create a new Split document from this new version. The assembly from the old Split document will be replaced by the new one in the Mold document.
  • For the same part, you wish to study a different Split of the cavities and keep the possibility of using one or the other in the mold for the final design.

Steps to follow:

1- Check-in the part, the Split document and the assembly resulting from it.

2- From the Split document, use the New version command to automatically generate a copy of the part, Split document and its assembly.

From this moment on, the batch of documents obtained is totally independent of the original documents.


3- To replace the shape contained in the copy of the part document by the shape contained in the part document of the new version, use the command Shape > Replace from this document.

To guarantee an optimal reconnection of the operations in the Split, it is recommended to select it as reference to be able to specify the new faces and edges of replacement on the new part.