How to recognize the texts?

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26-08-2022 10:15

In TopSolid'Inspection, text recognition can be done in two ways:

  1. Recognition of characters contained in the PDF document.
  2. Using the integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to identify characters in an image.

The A-method has certain constraints and limitations of which it is essential to be aware of:

  • Depending on the structure and formatting of the PDF, the text detected may not be the text that was visually framed when the checkpoint was created.
    In this case, either try to use OCR instead or enter the correct values manually.
  • When the PDF is an image, it is possible to force the use of OCR by checking the box below in the project characteristics.

  • Very often the symbol Ø is not a true character but a graphic representation of the symbol. It cannot therefore be read as text.

Method B has also its limits. The OCR that is currently integrated into TopSolid'Inspection is developed by a third party. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the developments and improvements made to this component.
However, it is interesting to know some points to check when the result is not what you expected:

  • Check that the text size scaling factor is set to 100% in the Windows display options. (Settings > Accessibility > Text size)

If this is not the case, the image captured by the rectangle does not correspond to the boxed area and the analysed image is therefore not good (it does not contain the desired text).

  Expected result Result


  • OCR recognition on vertical text is less efficient. It is therefore preferable to rotate the drawing before creating the control point rectangle.