How to recover mold icon bar?

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16-02-2022 18:11

If the icon bar is no longer visible on the screen, it is possible that it is simply outside the limits of the screen.

In order to recenter it, it is necessary to change the value of the configuration keywords that define the position of this bar.

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Run the Help > Configuration command and in the TopSolid’Mold tab note the location of the mld.cfg file
  2. Open this file with the Notepad editor and search the two following lines:
    • ZMLD_VISU_BAR_X [tabulation]
    • ZMLD_VISU_BAR_Y [tabulation]…
    • They correspond to the X and Y coordinates (in pixels) of the bar position.
    • Modify these values to recentre the bar.
      • For example :
        • ZMLD_VISU_BAR_X [tabulation] 500
        • ZMLD_VISU_BAR_Y [tabulation] 500
  3. Sauve and restart TopSolid.

The icon bar should be visible again. You can then rearrange it as you like.