FAQ Overview


Where can I find the setup DVDs of TopSolid 2020 (6.21 or 7.14)?

Where can I find the DVDs of the previous versions of TopSolid?

Does TopSolid run on Mac OS systems?

Where can I find the latest version of the Sentinel driver?

Where can I find the latest version of the floating license manager?

Is TopSolid compatible with Windows 11?


What should I do when my licenses have expired or will expire in a few days?

How can I obtain the codes of my TopSolid licenses?

Since which version the driverless dongles (yellow dongles) are supported ?


Why does TopSolid only create full backups when it should create an incremental backup?

Why the preview of my operations or my view is not visible?

How do I display the mass of my part?

When importing a Step file or other via the Spatial interface, where is the log file created?

Why do I have the message UNLICENCED in the TopSolid banner?

Why are some shapes or parts missing in my drawing?

Parts are not correctly displayed (dark faces, sparkling)

What is the compatibility between versions 6 and 7?

Why does the import of my IFC file is so long or fails with an SQL error?

Why when repeating a component the processes are not repeated?


Why do I have files with the .rsc extension?

Why is the "File locked" message displayed in the alpha bar?

How can I use the Wood libraries (Blum, Grass,...) downloaded from TopSolid'Store?

How to set the default value of the status bar's magnetic axes?


Why can't I access the machining operations shown in blue?

How do I select which folder to be used for my ISO programs?

When opening a machining document, why is it that my machinings are invalid during the rerun?

When checking, why are red marks displayed when the route seems to be correct?

Why is TopSolid slow when creating 2D machining?

Why can't I generate the ISO code for a single operation in my range?

Why in verification the animation mode is not accessible (or why the stock is not correct)?

Why do I have a cube on the screen when I start the verification?

Why do I get a coarse rendering when I verify?


How to automatically redistribute parts in the sets of a mold?

TopSolid'Cam » 2D milling

With side or end milling, why do I have machining passes in areas where there is no material in Z, even if I manage the stock ?

Why doesn't my T-slot milling go to the bottom of my slot in the radial direction?

I am doing a thread milling with an internal thread mill. How can I avoid having complete spiral but only one single turn in my path?

Why my end milling operation doesn’t finish my part when I use integrated contouring?

Why I don’t have any tool path after a calculation on a side milling operation?

How do I force my side milling to start or finish at specific positions?