How can I change the parameters for the calculation of the stock?

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16-02-2022 48:11

 In the model documents provided by TopSolid, the calculation of the stock is done through a series of parameters which build the text displaying the dimensions of the stock. These parameters are calculated in the Analysis stage of the document.

 Three of these parameters calculate the rounding up of the X, Y and Z dimensions.

With a template document prior to version 7.15 SP10, this rounding is done to the millimeter. This may not be accurate enough in some cases. From this version on, all the templates that we deliver are rounded to a hundredth of a millimeter.

Here are the parameters that can be modified to adjust the precision of the stock values:

If we take the example of the SizeXBox parameter, the value ceil($'Size X Box';1mm) means that the parameter $'Size X Box' is rounded up to the nearest 1mm above. To have a parameter rounded to the hundredth, you have to modify the expression as follows: ceil($'Size X box';0.01mm)+SizeXBoxMargin

To go further in the modification of the parameterization, you can find all the usable expressions on the online help page below: