How to automatically redistribute parts in the sets of a mold?

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16-03-2021 33:14

To do this, you need to:

  • Recreate the necessary sets in the assembly document using the system names of the sets (see below for explanations about the system names).
  • Distribute the parts of the assembly into the correct sets.

Therefore, when this assembly is included, TopSolid will be able to match the sets in the source document with those in the destination document and redistribute the parts within them.

System name: The system name corresponds to the name that TopSolid uses for its existing elements as standard in its documents. The name displayed in TopSolid and visible to the user is not this name, but a more understandable "translated" name.

To find out the system name of an element: Add "-a" in the TopSolid launch shortcut in order to launch TopSolid in "Advanced" mode.

This mode allows you to access certain commands for more experienced users, and in particular, the command indicated below.

This command allows you to obtain the system name of an element.

For example, here is the list of the system names of the different sets of a molded document:

  • Mold: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.MoldSet
  • A side: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.ASideSet
  • B side: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.BSideSet
  • Ejector system: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.EjectorSystemSet
  • Category: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.CategoriesSet
  • Block: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.BlockSet
  • Mold base: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.MoldBaseSet
  • Movement: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.MovementSet
  • Component: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.ComponentsSet
  • Cooling: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.CoolingSet
  • Runner: $TopSolid.Cad.Mold.DB.Documents.ElementName.GatingSet

Creating sets in the assembly document: To do this, select the Tools > Sets > Set command and give each set the above names.

They must then be ordered correctly in the Sets folder in the Entities tree.