Why do I get the message "Interface failed" when exporting as DSTV?

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01-03-2023 37:11

Symptom: When exporting as DSTV format, TopSolid displays the error message "The translator as failed".

Possible cause: The extruded bar doesn't provide one of the FEA Extruded bar function of the TopSolid Mechanical library.

Solution: Open the generic document of the extruded bar component, run the Tools > Functions > Provide function... command and then choose one of the FEA Extruded Bar... (FEA Extruded Bar Circular, FEA Extruded Bar H, FEA Extruded Bar Hollow Circular,...) functions which correspond to the shape of your extruded bar.

NB: You can reduce the size of the drop-down list by entering the first few characters of the function.